Wonderful "unplugged" version: Freddie Mercury sing and play piano

To appreciate the wonderful voice of Freddie Mercury, and his extraordinary skill in playing the piano, here is a video that contains a beautiful version "unplugged" ( just voice and piano) of the famous Queen song "Don't Stop Me Now".

It is contained in the album "Jazz", published by the legendary british rock band in 1978, and it was published as single 7" version on January 26th in 1979.
This song, written by Freddie Mercury, has high tones and a fast musical rhythm, and is characterized by a multitude of multitrack vocal harmonies, according to the most classic and typical "Queen Style".

This video shows exactly how the song is based mainly on the piano part of Freddie, in fact, in the original version recorded in studio, the guitarist of group Brian May plays only a guitar solo, although later, in lives "Jazz Tour" and "Crazy Tour", May also played rhythm guitar, to give a more rock sound to the song.

In version proposed by this video the voice of Mercury performs in all its extraordinary ability, in fact the Queen frontman had a vocal range of four octaves and a half. This its uncommon peculiarity allows him, as we all can listen to, to go through extraordinary ease from the beginning of the song, which is essentially melodic, to the frenetic rock that characterizes it, and concluded again with a melodic part nuanced in the final.

As a curiosity, remember that a scientific research commissioned by ALBA, a british company that produces electronic equipment, after carrying out a survey, has classified this song as "The most successful song ever written". And on this fact, all those who love Freddie Mercury are certainly agree.
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