Witches - Pendle Hill

This documentary explains the reason why the area of ??Pendle Hill, located east of Lancashire in England near the town of Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Clitheroe and Padiham is famous for being the land of witches and ghosts.

Pendle, is one of the most famous and renowned Counties in English history because of one of the most important witch trials took place in 1612, but also for being a wild and lawless, where fabled theft and violence.

The twelve defendants who lived in this area around Lancashire were accused of murder and one person died because of the use of witchcraft. Of these twelve people, only two were not processed, six of the accused Pendle were from two families of that era that the Southern and Whittle.

Elizabeth Southern and Anne Whittle, were two elderly women and sometimes rivals that sold both potions to heal people from various evils and above it was said that they were adept at removing the evil eye.

One day Alizon Device, grandson of Elizabeth, he met a traveler who asked for alms, but he refused, she muttered a curse and at that moment the man fell to the ground paralyzed and dying all over the left side.
Device family was brought before the judge to answer the facts, and Alize with his brother, confessed to being addicted to witchcraft and even accused the family of Anne Whittle and another local woman. The five people were arrested and taken to the prison of Lancaster Castle.

A few days passed and on Good Friday of 1612 at the Malkin Tower (family residence Device) gathered a certain number of people to party, but the whole thing was stopped by the guards of King James I, who interpreted it all as a gathering of witches, where they also arrested Alice Nutter a noblewoman of one of the most influential families of the place.

The day of the trial, most people were executed and others died in prison. Even today, it is advisable to take a walk on the hill haunted Pendle Hill where the witches were executed.
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