Wesley, the Golden Retriever with braces

Wesley is a sweet Golden Retriever puppy of 6 months, with the braces!
This little guy lives with his human friend Molly in Michigan: it's a puppy loved and super pampered.

Wesley, however, has a little problem to the teeth!
Over time, Molly has noticed that his best friend wasn't well. The puppy was no longer able to close your mouth, didn't play more with its games and was losing weight.

The girl was very concerned and wanted his puppy returned to being the happy dog ever. Fortunately, Molly works along with his father in a dental office and, together, they quickly found the solution to the problem of Wesley: a ... braces!
Of course the braces for dogs isn't a method much used, but this will allow small to not feel more pain and be happy again.

Many people have criticized this decision, but Molly has just explained that it isn't an aesthetic whim. The teeth of the dog were growing in crooked and not allow him to properly close your mouth, eat and play.

Wesley was anesthetized and so the father of Molly could put the braces. The result? A sweet mutt whose snout looks amazing!
The little one will have to take the braces only for a few weeks and then will be able to play again with his favorite games!

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