VW Golf MK1 Swiss Hillclimb 2016 - Daniel Wittwer pushing like an animal

The Volkswagen Golf MK1 filmed in the video is beautifully guided by Daniel Wittwer's steering wheel during the 2016 edition of the Swiss Hillclimb, a traditional car event that has for many years gathered the best riders and the best rally cars in history.

The VW Golf MK1 is not traditionally known to be a rally car but this particular model has been greatly modified to become a small and bad asphalt devourer. The body was lightened by lowering the overall weight of the car to about 800kg while under the bonnet was installed a 2.0 16v engine with an approximate power of 250hp, for a power-to-weight ratio around 3:1 but that seems extremely lower watching the video.

But the most important work has been done on the set, with particularly soft suspensions and a low center of gravity to achieve maximum stability and adherence. In this way Daniel Wittwer can keep the full throttle even in corners and spin at high speed, always reaching the limit but succeeding, almost always, not to overcome it.

The pictures taken in the video are somewhat impressive, especially those that come from the inside of the cockpit, from which you can perceive the extreme speed and precision of driving, with the cones that delineate the track that are just touching.

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