Volvo S40 420bhp Autotech vs Saab 9-5 700bhp Nordic Performance

This video is an example of the great rivalry between the two major car producers of Sweden: Volvo and, now out of business, Saab. On the blacktop there are two of the most sold cars these two producers have made in their history: for Volvo, a S40, and for Saab a 9-5.

But the cars are not as they left the factory: the Volvo has been tuned by the Autotech Team, the Saab instead by the Nordic Performance Team, two of the main and most known car team of the Scandinavian countries. All the work made by the mechanicals did reach at the S40 the power of 420 bhp, while the Saab is extremely elaborate and reaches even the amazing power of 700 bhp. A very big power difference that could make certain the result of the challenge, with an easy win of the Saab.

The drag race starts at the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and initially Volvo S40 takes some metres of advantage against the Saab 9-5, but the latter after the 200 km/h (124 mph) stops to have traction problems and makes the most of the power. The finishing line is getting close and the Saab is quickly catching up the Volvo.. The throne of Sweden will soon have a queen!

Author marcolestu
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