Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Unovertakable!

When during a quiet summer Sunday in a highway, we find the classic Trailer that moves forward in the right lane, what comes naturally (as well as indulge in some curse if it slows down our path) is to surpass the soon as possible and see it disappear in the distance in the mirrors.

Just what tries to do the author of the video, however, when you aim the vehicle towing the trailer, he knows he had stumbled on a Volkswagen Golf MK1 very special. With a strong accelerated and leaving behind a thick blanket of black smoke, the Golf is opposed to overtaking and despite having such a heavy load to be transported, flees away and mocks the overtaking.

Born to be an economical subcompact, the aim to avoid bankruptcy Volkswagen choose to create a two-volume able to dominate the market and get a fair number of sales. The success of the Volkswagen Golf MK1 (the name "technical") was extraordinary and not only managed to restore the company's dramatic economic situation, but it allowed her to become one of the global auto giants making it possible, over the years, the acquiring of a series of historical and luxury brands making the VW Group probably the most diverse in the world scene. Infact are part of the group also Skoda, Audi, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche.

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