Urbex - Bodie, the ghost town in California

If you've always been fascinated by old West, cowboys and Sergio Leone's movies, then your destination in the USA is already decisive: Bodie, the ghost town, is the most impressive and well preserved Western town you'll ever have a chance to visit.

Bodie was once abandoned in the days of the old West and, despite having suffered the damage caused by the inexorable passage of time, is now well preserved.

As soon as you travel to the western town you will be surrounded by typical wood houses perfectly preserved, including salons, shops, private homes, sheriff's home, a Methodist church, and much more.

Visit Bodie is definitely the most evocative experience of the old West. In some cases, you can even get in and out of the houses, venturing into the rooms between the furniture and the tools of the time. It is not a reconstruction, but a real city (though ghost!) Which is a precious historical testimony of the legendary Far West.

Bodie was founded by William S. Bodey, who in 1859 discovered a nearby gold field. From there the city expanded as a center of miners, but gangsters, prostitutes, thieves and gamblers soon gathered there; The city populated with saloon (65) and brothels, and became a very dangerous place to live.

However in general, the ghost town is open from late May to September from 8am to 6pm and during the rest of the year from 10am to 3pm. In winter Bodie is often covered by snow and needs to be well organized to visit. Among the streets of this western pearl there is also a museum that remains open between May and October.

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