Urban Exploring - Bennet College

Urban Exploring is an hobby created a few years which consists in the exploration of architectural structures or natural places abandoned by humans. Photography and historical records are essential ingredients of the hobby and, although sometimes it can lead to trespass on private property.
This video documentary is filmed outside and inside one of the famous colleges decommissioned in the United States or the "Bennet College".

The "Bennett College" was founded in 1890 to Irvington in upstate New York and covers a land of twenty acres, the hotel has five floors, a basement, a cellar and a dormitory composed of about two hundred rooms. In 1907 the school housed 120 students, whose education included four years of high school and two of specialization. The specialization courses were art, fashion design, interior design, music, modern languages, home economics and many others.

Because of the growing popularity, in 1970 the college ran into severe financial difficulties, to remedy the problem a few years later, they tried to reach an agreement with the Briarcliff College, but the plan did not work out. In 1978 the board decided to close its doors with 300 students and were transferred to another facility. Today it remains one of the most beautiful place ever, where many people lovers of urban exploring compete to document this place.
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