UFC 212: Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway - Highlights

On Saturday, June 3, the UFC 212 Mixed Martial Arts Event was held at the Jeuness Arena in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The main event of the evening saw the local idol Josè Aldo defend the UFC featherweight title from the assault of the interim champion Max Holloway.

Slow start and reasoned for the two, few exchanges, accurate. An assault on Jose Aldo is well absorbed by Holloway, who resumes charging. It is the Brazilian to occupy the center of the octagon. 

Balanced the first round between the two, perhaps slightly pending on the part of the Brazilian. The Brazilian timing is excellent, which continues with good combinations, upright and straight. Holloway, however, reacts well. On the final of the round, Holloway invites Aldo to swap, the psychological impact is strange, Aldo stays for a fraction of a second, answers shortly after.

During the second round, Holloway finds a success with a double one-two exceptional to Aldo's jaw and begins to hit wildly from the ground until he gets a well-deserved victory. Doubts about the latest ground and pound shots coming to the back of the neck, not to mention the defensiveness of the former champion.

New UFC featherweight champion, the 25-year-old Hawaiian Max Holloway leads to eleven consecutive victories and strengthens his absolute number one position in the 145-pound category.

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