Tutorial Patchwork - Log Cabin Quilt Block...

Following this video tutorial, you will learn to create one of the motive more used patchwork, especially the "Log Cabin".
Is a very simple and very nice job at the same time, it will be useful to create many jobs, such as quilts, tablecloths, sofa cover and much more.

To precede the realization of this patchwork block, you will need the following materials:
- a ruler,
- a cutter,
- the cutting mat,
- various patterned fabrics of different colors,
- the iron,
- the sewing machine.

The "Log Cabin" is constituted by a central square surrounded by twelve strips, which are to be positioned as a spiral around it. Before proceeding, you will have to cut all required pieces, each of a different fabric, then cut a square of about nine centimeters per side, then proceed to the cutting of strips that will have a width of about five centimeters.

Cut a long strip almost nine centimeters, two strips twelve centimeters long, the other two strips sixteen centimeters long, not even two long strips over twenty centimeters, cut two strips of about twenty-four centimeters in length, two other strips twenty-six cm long and the last about thirty centimeters long.

Once all the strips, you will need to mount the block from the center, and place the square fabric on the work surface, positioned on the right side of the latter the smallest strip (with the right sides facing down) and sew each other. Continue in the same way with all the other previously cut strips of fabric, by sewing spiral around one another and create a large number of jobs.
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