Tutorial Patchwork - Locking in a star shape

In this video tutorial, performed by "Marinaldo Ferreira", you will see the steps required to create a patchwork block (representing a star), you need to create a fantastic bedspread.

To make this work you will need the following materials:

  • three cloth fabrics decorated with different colors,
  • a white color of cloth fabric,
  • a row dressmaking,
  • wheel to cut through the tissues,
  • some pins,
  • sewing machine.

Take your cloth fabric and after taking the measurements, cut the pieces, you will need to have a square to the middle part, four rectangles of fabric the same as that you will use for the background and eight smaller squares to make the points of the star. Take one of the four rectangles cut previously, positioned on it (on a corner) a square of the small ones for tips (right sides), draw a diagonal and sewn with the sewing machine.

That done, with wheel cut eliminated the tip, always following the diagonal, then do the star thing even on the other corner of the same rectangle, and place a small square, straight sides together, sew, and then cut off the excess. You will have to achieve three other works identical to this just explained, which are then sewn around the largest square in the center of the work. When you have enough stars created using this method, you will have no choice but to sew them to each other and realizes your bedspread patchwork.

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