Tutorial Patchwork - How to make a tablecloth with Diamond technique

For all of patchwork lovers, here is a new video tutorial done by "Liza Decor", where you will see a fantastic job performed with the Diamond Patchwork technique.

In this case you will see the construction of a tablecloth, but of course you can accomplish what you like, so if you want to learn this type of work, get the following materials:
- six cloth fabrics of different colors and various shades,
- a ruler, a wheel to cut the tissues,
- a team in a diamond shape,
- a light colored fabric (for the background),
- the sewing machine.

Take your tissues, with the exception of the one for the base, and with the aid of the ruler and the wheel, for each of them cut of not very wide strips, then put one beside the other and sew them, so as to obtain a wider strip consists of a strip of each color. At this point, the team positioned in a diamond shape on the fabric just sewed and cut out the shape of the diamond, so you'll have to get six lozenges in total.

Having done this, take the fabric to the base and cut another six diamond pattern with a pen do the signs to keep you away from the edges of the rhombus when you go to sewing (about 0.5 mm from the edge) and go under the sewing machine. You will have to first sew two colored diamond shapes vertically and then on the bottom of these, you'll have to sew the bead base horizontally roar, created this way three blocks and then sew to each other to end this fantastic decoration patchwork.
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