Tutorial Patchwork - Fire Wheel

Compared with other video tutorials on the world of patchwork, this movie will explain how to make a different setting, where the motive is a wheel and not rectangular. In this tutorial the YouTuber "Csoki-Folt" uses three different reasons, including a polka dots, a cloth in which is depicted a woman and a face cloth with colored semi-circles. The fabric used is a classic cotton canvas, given that frays less than other fabrics.

Cloth of various reasons (at least three pieces), sewing machine, three plastic molds for the circle, cutter, fabric for the base.

Place the various fabrics on a work surface and above them the various molds, and cut the outlines with the cutter, you should have at the end of four pieces ovoid, four beveled oval pieces and a square. Now sewn together the various parts, being very careful to match well in helping the various sides with pins, hopefully you can baste the job.

After assembling the parts, go to refine the different fraying. Finally after you finish your motive wheel, go to place it on a square or rectangular piece of cloth that will be the base, and then sew with the machine. The work is finished, and we now able to use as best you want, you can also stuff it in order to create a very special pillow.
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