Tutorial Macramè - Flowers

With this video tutorial, you will learn to make beautiful flowers with the macrame technique. In order to create this work, there takes five nylon cords (the preferred color) from 1.0 mm thick and 210 cm long. Take the first two cords and make two nodes spaced between them, of which the first in the center, keep still on the work surface with pins and inserted between the two already were other cords.

Add the strings making a series of nodes (three for each wire) and when you have placed all three of them, melt one of the two nodes originally created (the right one) and proceed with the realization flower. Take the two external wires to the right and knot the threads with the wire closer, then take all three wires and knot the threads with the next wire, knotted now the four wires with the next one and so on.

Arrived at the end, melt even the other initial node, and knotted first one and then the other string with all other threads machined previously.

At this point you have to make the inside of the first petal, then, move the first right thread and knotted the second with all the others, and then move it with the previous one and tied the third with everyone else and continue in this way until you have knotted among them the last two wires. Continue to tie the threads and create your beautiful flower consists of five petals.
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