Tutorial Fimo - Louis Vuitton

In this video tutorial you will see the realization of a beautiful object; it is a small handbag style "Louis Vuitton" created with polymer clay.

This work will be used as a pendant on a necklace, hanging it on a fish hook can become a beautiful earring, you can hook it to a bracelet as charms, use it as a keychain and more. In order to play this fantastic job, you'll need the following materials:
- some white polymer clay,
- a sheet of paper with the printing of the brand "Louis Vuitton",
- a pair of scissors, polymer clay caramel color,
- a transparent shiny polish,
- a brush,
- a box cutter.

Take a piece of white polymer clay, wipe off working it with your hands, and create a cylinder with both side plates, then take the paper with the printing of the brand "Louis Vuitton", cut a strip of the same size of the cylinder and two polymer clay pieces for the sides.
Take fimo caramel color and after having worked with and hands, create two thin snakes and apply around the side edges of the white polymer clay cylinder, then wrap the cut strip previously applied around the cylinder itself and the two pieces on both sides .

Apply another snake in the middle of the top to create the zip of the bag, also created the handles and cook in the oven as long as necessary. When the work has cooled, polish it by coating the entire surface a layer of transparent enamel.
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