Tutorial Fimo - Cat Phone Holder

The realization of a nice work will be explained in this video tutorial, it is a sweet kitty phone holder created with polymer clay.

If you want to try, get the following materials:
- yellow polymer clay color,
- black polymer clay color,
- some toothpicks,
- a piece of wire from 1mm thick,
- white polymer clay,
- yellow acrylic paint,
- colored chalk,
- the liquid glue.

Started the work by creating the body of the kitten, then with a toothpick make two small holes into the lower body, where you are going to insert a piece of wire (one in each hole), then, always with the toothpick create another hole top of the body and also included here a piece of wire. Create another hole that goes from one side of the upper part of the small body of cat and inserted a piece of the longest wire, these will be the arms of the kitten, then also the hole created by the tail on the back and the two lower legs and cook everything bake.

Once everything has cooled, please enter your paws in the bottom two holes and shaped the wire, create the queue and place it in its place and then proceed to the realization of the kitten's head.
After completing her head, complete with ears and all the details of the face, upper legs also made and put them on the ends of the arms made with wire. Bake in the oven again, paint the iron wire with yellow acrylic paint and kitten details with colored chalk.
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