Tunisian Crochet - How to make a blanket for newborns

Here is a video tutorial that will show how to make a beautiful blanket for babies, with the Tunisian crochet.

This work was carried out with four different points in Tunisian crochet, and to proceed, you must obtain the following materials:
- 220 grams of white wool,
- 220 grams of the wool color preference (in this case the blue color has been used),
- a pair of scissors,
- a 5.5 mm Tunisian crochet.

To start the work, performed a basic tier consists of 18 chains, then enter the hook in the penultimate chain (just in front), take the wire with the hook itself and let the slot on the latter.
Go ahead with this step for the whole row leg, then proceed with the return, then, take the wire with the hook and pass it within the first slot, then re-take the wire and pass it in the next two slots and continue with this last step until you have completed all the slots.

Without this continued with a new row, then put the wire crochet, revenue in the second point of the previous row, and after taking the wire, let the same loop on hook, then jump a point below and repeat step just described keep it up until the end.
After running the back row as previously done, proceed to the construction of the new row leg and complete it your cover for babies.
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