Top 50 funniest Bulldog compilation!

Stunning and original short film, in which we have a collection with lots of short clips all having as protagonists the cute and funny Bulldog both in English variant and in French variant. Really appears clearly in this funny clip, the extreme clumsiness and the perennial desire to sleep that characterizes these gorgeous molossian.

The Bulldogs are typical molossian. The English bulldog originally from Great Britain. Originally bred as a fighting dog against the bulls. Today actually and selected as docile and loving dog companion accident, extremely yummy.
Even the French Bulldog despite its name comes from England. Selected from the outset as a companion dog, derived from a cross between the English bulldog midget and the Pug. Reached maximum popularity in France and from this reason originates its name. Despite the compact design can easily reach 15 kg in weight.

The Bulldogs have a markedly naturally peaceful. Have a low reaction to external stimuli, and keen on sleep. Are consequently tolerant and patient with everyone, especially with children but also with animals in General. Fit very well expressed in a very cramped environment even in studios. However the French Bulldog unlike English needs a constant physical activity for good health, otherwise they can easily become obese since keen on eating.
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