These Are The Days Of Our Live: beauty voice and heart of Freddie

Wonderful and charismatic Freddie Mercury: these are the first words that come to mind watching this video, which is a "color version" of original video for Queen song "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", shot in black and white at May 30, 1991. It was the last video made with Freddie Mercury still alive, and in it Queen's four members appear for last time all together. Coverages took place about six months before Mercury's death. This video never published before, since Mercury didn't want to know to media status of his illness, and this clip put too much emphasis on his precarious physical condition.

The color video shows even more this Freddie condition (this is reason why Queen choose to make a black and white official clip). Roger Taylor said that Freddie really wanted a visual documentation of what he was ill, although other members of band were opposed to this idea. This was without doubt the most painful video to record of entire career of Mercury, because he had problem even to walk well, and in fact in the clip he remains almost motionless. But anyway Freddie shows his grit and determination, with very strong gestures typical of his style and, despite his illness, the beauty of his face, his wonderful eyes, his amazing smile (at 1:14) are simply astounding. Anyway he tried to greet his fans, and showing the terrible sickness that is AIDS. In fact at videoclip end, Mercury disappears after a moving view of his face in " close-up ", taking leave of his fans with the words "I Still Love You".

There are snippets in this color video even seen anywhere else. As ill as Freddie was, he still found the strength (from somewhere) to turn out amazing vocals of very high quality.
We all know he was trying to hide his condition which is why they shot the original in black and white. But being that his fans love him so much (still) I wanted to share his struggle which I believe he did with this video. Freddie Mercury is certainly the perfect genius, as well as being a delightful person, it is a sadness that he passed away too soon, but was born a legend that will live forever. Freddie never died because he lives in every song that he wrote and sang and played, he lives in the hearts of those who love him, like me. Thanks again: "I Still Love You" my Freddie.
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