The terrifying island of the dolls!

There is a really unusual place in Mexico; there is a small island where you can find dolls everywhere. From where will these mysterious objects?

There are a few places in this world that are immersed in a thick aura of mystery; these are places that have the ability within us of really upside down. These places are often the point of alleged torment us during sleep with nightmares. One such place is truly disturbing is an island located in Mexico.

The island is also known as: Isla de las Muñecas, the feature that makes this island unique is that over its entire area, there are an incredible number of dolls were hanged. The island of the dolls is situated on what was once called Lake Xochimilco, the island is what is known as chinampas, namely: artificial islands constructed in shallow areas of the Lake.

The island of the dolls is one of the most terrifying of all Mexico; this because of his bizarre story began in 1950. In that year, a mysterious man, Julian Santana Barrera, deal with one of the small islands of the Lake, living in a log cabin, which he built. One day the man Bramble to be present at the drowning of a young girl, near the island inhabited by him. This event turbo man, who claimed to be haunted by the spirit of the young girl.

Following this man's behavior, already very strange, gradually getting worse by taking more and more unusual attitudes. One day Barrera, he saw a man adrift, I interpret this as a sign, he decided to collect and hang her, believing it would have so alienated the spirit of the girl who tormented him. Barrera began to collect many nightmares haunted dolls and hung over the island.

Legend has it that the infamous dolls come to life at night, protecting the island and its keeper. Testimonies affirm that Barrerra spoke and sang with dolls, caring for them as if they were humans. In this video we can see the terrifying island of the dolls!
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