The side "cool-ironic" of Queen in a video: Backstage of "Radio Ga Ga"

In this video, showing the backstage of the famous Queen song "Radio Ga-Ga", we can see some really cool and funny pics of the four members of the british band, engaged on the set.

"Radio Ga-Ga" was published in the album "The Works" in 1984. Written by drummer Roger Taylor (and inspired by some words of his little son, Rufus Tiger, today an accomplished drummer) is a song on golden age of radio and on nostalgia for what was once considered a real member of family.

This song, which lasts almost six minutes, won # 2 in the UK charts. It brings the band to the success summit after flop caused by the album " Hot Space ", judged too different from the others, and is the first Queen single who won # 1 on the charts in Italy, as well as in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden. Famous is the performance of Freddie Mercury at Live Aid, where he sang the chorus of the song on the rhythm of hands jokes from around Wembley Stadium. The thing will be repeated for every subsequent concert of the band until today.

This video shows us how the four Queens had fun together in the realization of their videoclips: for example, are unmissable scenes the duets Freddie-Roger, or Brian and Roger who carefully arrange their hair (Roger even uses the comb), while John carelessly leaves his large sprig on his facing floating the wind as the ship is flying. Even observing well the video you can see that Freddie holds a big glass of beer at the foot of her seat on the ship, and during breaks they drink great drafts with ironic nonchalance!

Similarly, as always forgot lyrics, he makes no problem singing staring into the camera, while in reality peeps on some leaves sprouting from under the "dashboard" of the spaceship, which then he will slam on Roger head, to the laughter of the four. Other goodies are problems with special effects that make furious Freddie Mercury, as the extras who do not follow their rhythm.

Last but not least, it is impossible not to note that this video, more than any other made by Queen, highlighting the superb " Middle East " Freddie's beauty, with his fiery eyes and his elegant but aggressive attitudes. All this, while the four artists are flying on a spaceship over city of Metropolis ( the official video contains several explicit references to the film by Fritz Lang, 1929) in a video for a song that has passed into history.
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