The little girl sleeping from 100 years!

Rosalia Lombardo, the sleeping beauty of the catacombs of Palermo, is considered to be the most beautiful mummy in the world. Today would have more than 90 years, this little girl, extremely fated, died of pneumonia, after the First World War.

The little girl died at two years of age, on December 6, 1920. Rosalia rests in a small coffin, inside the catacombs of Palermo. Angel face, blond hair, chubby cheeks, a beautiful upturned nose, a yellow ribbon in her hair. She only sees the face, the body is wrapped in a blanket, seems a little girl ready to wake up at any moment. But it is only an illusion.

The little girl has been dead for almost 100 years, but its appearance is intact! How is it possible? In 1918 his parents saw his birth as the most beautiful gifts then stated that, two years later, an infection to the bronchi would take her away. The father, shattered by grief, he decided to make her "live forever", and contacted a well-known taxidermist at the time, Alfredo Salafia!

The little girl looks like a sleeping little angel, with Golden curls that fall on the forehead and likeness so authentic it looks like alive, but sunk into a deep sleep. But as it was possible to stop the instant of death?
In this video we can enjoy what some call a miracle, others just call it science. What is beyond dispute is that Rosalia Lombardo is the most beautiful mummy in the world!
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