The funny and crazy Jack Russell!

Hilarious and incredible short movie, in which we see some small clips, all having as protagonists the cute and funny Jack Russell Terrier, intent to screw up.

The video opens with a cute Jack Russell tries to grab with his mouth a yellow tennis ball that his master is cleverly bouncing against the wall. Immediately after we see an adrenaline four legs, chasing and trying to bite a jet of water, his amused master moves throughout the large garden.

The Jack Russell terrier is a small breed of dog, selected in England in XIX century, for fox or others little animals hunting. Is a very intelligent dog, quick and strong. Created by the Reverend Russell is now also a popular companion dog ideally for agility race.

Its small size may mislead the master, in fact this cute four legs is extremely lively and dynamic, sometimes really hyperactive. This dog needs attention, education and society, otherwise it could become a real loose cannon in your apartment.

Being the Jack Russell dog very active, needs a constant physical activity for stay healthy. This feature also makes it perfect for agility competitions. Today the Jack Russell is the small dog more prevalent among lovers of dog competitions. However should be trained from puppy, otherwise despite its small size can become aggressive.
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