The Burmese - All you need to know about this breed!

The Burmese cat is originally from the seventeenth century precisely in the Southeast Asian region, ie Thailand. The Burmese comes from the Indochinese peninsula, in which once lived alongside the monks, who considered it sacred, able to communicate with the gods. Discovered by US farmers during the '30s, the Burmese "modern" is presented in two different types: the Anglo-Saxon-looking slender, and American, more compact.

This medium-size cat, has a compact appearance with a well-developed chest, his head is round and free of flat surfaces, like a short blunt triangle. The eyes are large and far between, and the ears are medium sized with rounded tips. The hair, however, is very short, smooth, fine and shiny, almost no undercoat.

The hair color is distributed throughout the hair and is more intense at the ends unlike other feline breed. In the United States the only permissible color was dark brown for years, but today they are also recognized the chocolate, blue and lilac; in Britain instead you can also be found with the red cloak, or cream or tortoiseshell.

The Burmese develops a relationship of affection and sympathy for the man is hard to find in other breeds; also it is very lively and loves the game as an adult. It's very sociable, even with strangers, and easily adapts to the presence of other animals.

In this video you'll see all the features of this wonderful cat breed.
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