The Blacklist - Promo Episode 3x02, "Marvin Gerard"

Finally, it started the third season of the TV series entitled "The Blacklist". Created by Jon Bokenkamp for the American TV channel NBC, the show is back on the air from Thursday, October 2nd, 2015 with the highly anticipated season premiere that, certainly, did not disappoint the expectations of the fans.

In this new season, Raymond "Red" Reddington (played by James Spader) and Liz Keen (starred by Megan Boone) will have to flee to avoid being captured by the FBI. After last season finale, as you will recall, the two have become fugitives and Liz was listed as one of the major criminals of the United States of America. For the woman, a former FBI agent, will be a completely new situation and only all the experience of Red, which in the past was a dangerous criminal, will help she to survive.

In the new episode, the second of the third season, we'll see Liz and Red still in the Ressler's clutches. To get out of this bad situation, Red will ask for help from a lawyer named Marvin Gerard, meanwhile the FBI will try to convince Cooper to abandon his position and to give up the case involving Red and Liz. What will do Cooper? Do they will able to convinced he?

The appointment with the episode 3x02, entitled "Marvin Gerard," is scheduled for next October 8, in the meantime enjoy the promotional clips that you find in this video.
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