The Awesome Jack Russell in action!

Exceptional and interesting short film that shows particular and highlighted, the physical and psychological characteristics of that beautiful dog that's the Jack Russell.

The Jack Russell is a small terrier that has its origins in the Chase, is characterized by a white and harmonious body, with hair that can be smooth or rough, long or short. Usually the coat is mainly white with some brown or black stains that occur on the head more than on other parts of the dog's body. The weight is variable, but must not exceed 7 kilos in the male. The tail is short and carried upward.

The Jack Russell originated in England in the 19th century thanks to the work of the Reverend John Russell that he selected a type of Terrier suitable for intruding in tana, creating an ideal breed for hunting Fox and rabbit.

Temperamentally is extremely lively and playful, this is a very intelligent dog, alert and brave. With children and other dogs is usually agree but must be well-behaved otherwise tends to be jealous and aggressive at times. Having regard to its reduced tonnage units and explosive speed is today one of the most used dogs in sports like agility.

Today the Jack Russell is also used as a guard dog, that's because it has a very developed eyesight and hearing and a bark so strong that feel even remotely notable.
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