The Awesome Dalmatian!

Interesting and innovative movie that made a historical excursus, listing also strengths and weaknesses, of that beautiful breed of dog that is the Dalmatian.

The Dalmatian is an ancient breed of dog of Croatian origin. For characteristics belongs to the group of bloodhounds, however today is a popular companion dog of medium size, with a characteristic white coat with black or Brown spots of 2-3 cm in diameter on the body. These spots are smaller on the head and limbs.

The Dalmatian is a very loving, peaceful and protective, ideal for living together with other animals, dogs included. Dearly loves the company of children with whom they establish a relationship of true friendship, and to whom he is very protective. Is also very intelligent and playful. These two features combined with an unusual agility make the Dalmatian a perfect dog for all sports competitions, such as the "Agility".

At the expense of a rugged and athletic appearance, this cute four legs suffers from several health problems. One of the most frequent problems is the natural propensity for deafness. Dogs of this breed are also predisposed genetically to the formation of kidney stones. For them to enjoy good health requires a constant physical activity, and eat so not too much protein.

All these problems have experienced over the years, a significant reduction in the population of Dalmatian in the world.
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