The Awesome Dachshund compilation!

Great and funny short movie in which we have a collection of some of the funniest movies of all time, all having the small and cute Dachshund.

The video opens with a hilarious scene, here we have a Dachshund that from the couch where is, incredibly performs a jump to try and grab it with your mouth a soft plush not far from him, immediately after we see a Dachshund rolled between different sweaters trying to wriggle free from these among many difficulties.

Going forward in the movie we have two small clips hilarious, in the first we see a Dachshund on the beach which it pretends to be dead while his Masters covered with sand, immediately after we see a tender on all fours playing hockey goalkeeper.

The dachshund is a breed of dog of German origin characterized by a very funny appearance due to an elongated body associated with a very low height. Its curious shape makes it particularly pleasing to children. This is a hunting dog and companion dog, originally selected to track wild animals such as Badgers and hares and face them even in underground burrows.

It is clear from the first scene of this movie the excessive exuberance that characterises this wonderful breed of dog. In fact, despite its small size the dachshund is extremely stubborn and if not trained correctly can become aggressive and even biting with its hosts.
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