The Awesome Bull Terrier!

Interesting and short film in which, we discover history, strengths and weaknesses, of that beautiful dog who is the Bull Terrier.

The current Bull Terrier was selected in Britain in the 19th century, through the crossing of Old English Bulldog with various breeds of terrier. This new breed was putting together the speed and agility of terriers with tenacity and strength typically of Bulldog, the latter in fact were bred in most cases as mere fighting dogs against the bulls.

The Bull Terrier is a dog brave and very proud, but compared to other types of Terriers, is characterized by a calm temperament that adapts well to family life and children. However the remarkable power and bite muscle requires an owner who knows manage by being respected, educating him decisively from the puppy.

Being a very active dog needs plenty of exercise. But it is also a great sleeper. Despite the breed's temperament has become quite docile, the bull terrier derives directly from the "Bull and Terrier", formidable fighting dog. This aspect can be aggressive with other dogs adult males.

The Bull Terrier is a dog rustic, very sturdy and usually provided with excellent health. Nevertheless the Bull Terrier has entirely white hair and often being delicate and sensitive may have allergies and dermatitis.
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