The Awesome Border Collie!

Interesting and funny short movie in which, after some historical news, we see the pros and cons of that wonderful breed of dog that is the Border Collie.

The Border Collie is one of the most loved and popular dogs in the world. He was selected originally in Scotland in the early part of the 19th century. His amazing ability to surveillance made him very popular especially during the boom in the production of wool.

Exist in different colors, but the most common are the flag, the white and black, and the Brown and black. In all cases has a long and silky coat with a thick Undercoat. To stay healthy these dogs should never exceed 20 kg in males, being essentially a medium sized dogs.

The Border Collie was selected in natural way, without human intervention. These dogs have a great muscular strength and elasticity associated with and a good physique, making it perfect for outdoor living.

Today have become much appreciated pet dogs, especially for those people who enjoy sports canines, as races of "Agility" in which the Border Collie dominates.

Normally the Border Collie is extremely peaceful and playful. Loves live with children or other animals. Its innate ability to easily learn difficult commands, is considered the smartest dogs in the world. However, he needs a constant physical activity to give his considerable energy and stay healthy.
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