Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz - Highlights

On the night of Saturday, May 20, Madison Square Garden, New York, staged the awaiting challenge between Terence Crawford and Felix Diaz. The fight was valid for Crawford's WBC and WBO superlightweight titles.

The 29-year-old from Omaha (Nebraska) won another win, defeating Dominican Diaz after an authentic boxing lesson. Diaz was a brave, stubborn adversary, but with Crawford this is not enough, this is a boxer who either fights alone or can only beat other tops or the inexorable flow of time.

Since the first round Crawford claimed his class, hitting Diaz several times with its numerous jabs. Diaz was trying to fight from the short distance but was shot several times in the remittance from the champion. Crawford's dominion went on throughout the fight with Diaz who relied on sporadic attacks to try to overwhelm the champion.

Only in round 7 Diaz managed to put a beautiful left hook to the face of a Crawford who was relaxing a bit much, but the American has absorbed just like that and then hit Diaz with several heavy blows to the face and on the flanks. In the two following rounds Crawford did what he wanted and shaken several times the Dominican that relied only on sudden attacks no buildings nor hope. At the beginning of round 10 the doctor checked the health of Diaz giving the green light to continue the match.

Crawford not insisted, joking too much beating of noogies of rival by being invoked by the referee but then let go of the hands in the last 20 seconds and that was useful on the corner of Diaz for making the correct decision between tenth and eleventh rounds.

At that point the team of Diaz withdrew from the fight his Boxer, decreeing the victory of Crawford. For the Boxer from Omaha this is the 31st victory of his career and it is now likely that steps in welterweight seeking new opponents ready to compete with him.

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