Tender ladybugs made of patchwork

In this video tutorial you will see how to make the most tender ladybirds, using the patchwork technique. If you want to learn how to create these wonderful ladybugs, you will need the following materials: fabric of red cotton with polka dots blacks, a white cotton cloth, needle and thread, cotton wool pads, hot glue, a pair of scissors , a satin bow and a white colored bead.

Started to cut out the part for the body and one for the head, then cut a 5,5 cm diameter circle from cotton cloth, while the fabric with polka dots blacks, cut another 7,0 cm diameter circle. Once obtained both circles, take the first (which you will need to make the head of your ladybug) and with needle and thread sewn around the edge by tightening the fabric. Then enter inside the batting for padding and close all the while drawing eyes, nose and mouth.

That done, proceed with the construction of the body, then take the red circle with polka dots blacks, pass the wire around as before, also included here batting for stuffing and close the tiny body of the ladybug. With a separate black yarn into two parts the body, so as to separate the wings, glued at this point the ladybird head to the rest of the body and then create the antennas with a red-colored yarn. To beautify the job applied some decoration, glue a small bow on the back and stuck in the middle a white colored bead.
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