Suzuka 1988 - Ayrton Senna wins his first title!

On October 30, 1988 the list of winners of the world championship of Formula 1 boasts another prestigious name, that of the pilot, perhaps the most beloved of all time. His name is Ayrton Senna, who just in 1988 got his first world title.

The dream of a lifetime for Senna takes place at the penultimate race of the season at Suzuka, where it runs the Japanese Grand Prix. The Brazilian comes to this race to first in the standings, ahead of rival and teammate Alain Prost. Senna with a victory is world champion, in case of victory of the French championship is decided in the last race.

The premises are very good for Senna, who gets the pole position ahead of Prost. For Ayrton is the twelfth pole (out of 15 races!). At the start, however, the Brazilian off the engine of his McLaren-Honda, and after a few turns he finds himself in fourteenth place, while Prost takes the lead.

The French now seems in the best position to win the race and reopen the games for the title. From the rear, however, Senna becomes the protagonist of a great comeback and, thanks to the rain, in a few laps back in the top positions.

The masterpiece of the Brazilian reaches its climax on the 28th lap, when he took the decisive overtake on Prost. Since that time the 28 year old Ayrton Senna manages his lead and putting his race in first place.

Senna's victory in Japan mathematically cut off Alain Prost that, to hope to win the title, it should have to get the first place. The rule in 1988 requires us to consider valid for the championship only the best 11 seasonal results of each driver. While getting the most points in the league (105 against 94 of Senna), Prost had to settle for second place in the standings just three points away (90 against 87) from the brazilian.

The victory at Suzuka, therefore delivery to the Brazilian's first world title in its history, after a season clearly dominated by his McLaren-Honda with whom he got 8 wins and 13 pole. Are 7 victories obtained by the French, a sign of an incredible superiority of the car. The beautiful MP4\4 of the British team has in fact won 15 races out of 16, an absolute mastery of the car accentuated by two champions driving.

The video presented here makes us relive the key moments of the Japanese Grand Prix of 1988, won by Ayrton Senna after a sensational comeback. We can appreciate the Brazilian commentary, particularly emphatic in respect of its champion during the last corners of the race.
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