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After much hype, it arrives on Android devices Super Mario Run, the endless-run title that starring the mustachioed mascot of Nintendo. Super Mario Run is a fun game, with gameplay that, although simple, will require some time to stretch to be fully mastered.

Mario runs automatically, without the possibility of going back. Thanks to our touch we can make him do jumps and spins in order to collect coins scattered in the various stages, eliminate enemies that will find its path and reach, in time, the finish line. With precise touch, then, we can blow up the Italian-American plumber, use walls and ledges to reach areas otherwise unreachable, do stunts or crush the unfortunate enemies. More Touch will be prolonged, the greater the range of the main character jump.

Each stage faithfully recalls the Mushroom World, so familiar to fans of the series. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the sworn enemy of Mario, Bowser, committed umpteenth kidnapping of Princess Peach. To succeed in our enterprise we will exceed 6 worlds, each consisting of four levels. Within each stage, will be present, in addition to classic golden coins, 5 different colored coin which, if collected, will yield bonuses.

In Super Mario Run over the history there is a challenge mode where we can challenge other users of the game, looking for the best score that will be obtained by collecting coins as possible and performing acrobatics to enable us to gain the support of Toad. If we can meet the challenge, the Toad of which we have obtained the consent, will move into our realm. This last element, the kingdom of course, gives the title is also a management structure. In fact, using the coins collected during the various levels, we can customize it by purchasing gadgets and palaces and gaining new characters and daily bonuses.

Graphically, Super Mario Run is impeccable, with a solid, smooth animations, vibrant colors. Great is also sound department, which perfectly accompanies our adventures in the Mushroom World.

Super Mario Run is already available for Android devices. The free version can be downloaded from the Play Store, it lets you play the first 4 levels of the game and enter the challenge mode. To play other worlds available, you will need a purchase in-app of 9.99 euro.

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