Skydiving - Freefly

Video dedicated to extreme sports of "Skydiving" in which it is expected to climb to high altitudes through a plane or helicopter and return to the mainland while parachute jumping.

The first person to try everything was André-Jacques Garnerin that in 1978 which was the first to make descents of success with a canvas canopy with a small basket underneath tied to a balloon, all perfected by others in 1919.
In this sport you can ride at least at an altitude of 750 meters, optimum would be around 800-900 meters.

In this activity differentiates between various disciplines including:

1) The "style" a modern discipline of skydiving which consists of a launch at an altitude of 2200 meters where you have over thirty seconds of free fall, in that time frame must perform at least six changes or vaults.

2) The "precision landing" provides that launches take place at an altitude of about 1000 meters, whose goal is to hit the target landing with the heel.

3) The "combined" is the set of the first two activities and win the person who scores the fewest points in each ranking.

4) The "paraski" is based on the combination of two different disciplines or a race of skiing giant slalom race and a precision landing on a mountain top or possibly on a slope.

5) The "freefly" born around 1996 and provides a three-dimensional evolution of flight in which more people create choreography in flight.

Finally, there are other less practiced activities including Canopy Relative Work, the Skysurf, the Speed ??skydiving, Vertical Relative Work and Canopy Piloting.
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