Shabby chic - How to Polish an object

For those not in the know, a fundamental part in the technique of Shabby Chic is to know how to Polish the objects that you want to edit. In fact the YouTuber "To-Do Creative Ideas", will show you by using a few simple steps how to Polish the your chosen object, without resorting the classic beginner mistakes.

To Polish the object chosen, you'll have to get the following materials:

  1. the object chosen for the job (in this case a wooden chair),
  2. the permanent brown,
  3. two acrylic colors of your choice,
  4. a scouring pad,
  5. a transparent fixative.

First clean the object, and consequently go to polish if it is wood treated or lacquered, if the other hand, is natural wood you can skip this step. Now, take the impregnating agent brown and rub it across the entire surface. As soon as you will be dried, past one or more coats of acrylic paint white, you will not have to to be precise in this step.

Now, past a coat of wax and mix the first color with one another so as to create a slight contrast on your subject. Then with a scouring pad, go to smooth the surface in order to create the pickled effect. Finally, protect your work with a transparent fixative. With this procedure you can Polish any object you want in the style of Shabby Chic, using just a few materials.

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