Shabby Chic - Easter Eggs

In addition to decoupage, you can decorate your own Easter eggs even with the Shabby Chic style. The YouTuber Karolina Czolba will show you, how to decorate Easter eggs with a few simple materials.

For this project, you must obtain the following materials:

  • the polystyrene eggs,
  • glue,
  • buttons,
  • the pages of an old book,
  • some string,
  • a white pleated ribbon,
  • hot glue.

Take the pages of an old book and started to tear making of medium-sized pieces, and consequently regulator with the amount of paper to be used. And advisable to use the pages of an old book because of its color yellow of them, since the latter is a must in the Shabby Chic style.

Next, take the glue and go to attack the pieces on your styrofoam egg, the arrangement of the latter must be placed randomly. At this point, it will only be decorated just the egg will be completely dried, or with the hot glue glue the white pleated ribbon around the egg which later will do the same step with string. Finally, glue a button in the center and if you want power embellish this decoration with a flower made crochet.

A quick and simple technique to make Easter eggs in the style you love.

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