"Seven Seas of Rhye" Top Of The Pops(1974):Queen "RockBand" consecration

In this great video we can see two Queen performances at "Top Of The Pops", dating back to 1974, in their beautiful "Seven Seas Of Rhye" The song, written by Freddie Mercury, was released in 7 ", on 1974, 23 February in Europe for EMI, and on June 20 in the US for Elektra Records. It was also re-published later in 1976,on June 9, as b-side of single "Friends Will Be Friends".

"Seven Seas Of Rhye" is the final track of album "Queen" (1973) and "Queen II" (1974). In the first album the track is only instrumental, shorter and not yet complete, the second album version instead is complete as the single released. In 1970 makes its debut on British television's the historical music program "Top of the Pops": in those days, for any band, get a ride in this show meant having achieved success. Indeed the full song version, the third single released by Queen, was introduced precisely into the show "Top of the Pops", reaching the tenth position in the UK charts, becoming the first real hit of Queen.

This single was released in Europe and US with the B-side "See What a Fool I've Been" (remained unpublished on album), in the Japanese version instead B-side was "The Loser in the End “. As " My Fairy King ", from album" Queen ", " Seven Seas of Rhye " is about a fictional land - Rhye - invented for child's play by younger sister of Farrouk Bulsara (Freddie Mercury's real name), the little Kashmira; with her Freddie fantasized during childhood, on the pristine beaches of Stone Town (where they were born) in Zanzibar. Rhye is mentioned later in a passage of "Lily of the Valley", from album "Sheer Heart Attack", precisely in the verse "Messenger from Seven Seas has flown / To tell the king of Rhye he's lost his throne", and in "It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)", from album "Made in Heaven".

In this video we can see in practice what was the Queen musical consecration of "real rock band". Indeed so they have for the first time the option to show to European public all the strength of their live stage, their determination, their creativity, and unique ability to take the stage that only the Queen has. It must say that "Seven Seas of Rhye" was one of favorite songs in the band's live shows. Featuring an introduction by piano arpeggios (which in "Queen II" version was played with both hands, with an one octave range), in album "Queen" and in most live, instead Freddie played in an one-hand version. The same theme is present at the end of "It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise) “.

The song ends with a cross fade, where the instruments are mixed with a chanted version of " I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside ". The success that Queen obtained with this television step was so big that in 1975 the band asked the television director Bruce Gowers to make a video for "Bohemian Rhapsody" to spread precisely on "Top of the Pops"; the video will become known for being entirely shot and edited on video tape, which will feed the urban legend of "first music video in history."
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