Scandal - Promo Episode 5x03, "Paris is Burning"

The last episode of Scandal (5×02), entitled "Yes", there has a little destabilized. In fact it has shown us the outbreak of a new scandal involving the couple formed by Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) and Fitz (starred by Tony Goldwyn). The two decided to start a love story during the last season finale but now this relationship has become public domain and now the couple is suffering the pressure of the national media, intent on stealing them some exclusive scoop.

The episode 5×03 will be entitled "Paris is burning" and will air next Thursday, October 8th, 2015, after the airing of the episode 12x03 of Grey's Anatomy. In this short clip, you will find the promotional video released just after the last episode from ABC.

In the third chapter of this fifth season, we will see Olivia and President Grant overwhelmed by the scandal, they will have to seek together the best way to address the serious consequences of their relationship. To this it add another problem because Mellie (played by Bellamy Young) will not accept the idea of ??relinquishing her role as First Lady and, then, she will decide to deny divorce to her husband Fitz.

What will think to do Mellie? Meanwhile, Abby (starred by Darby Stanchfield) will look to show to Olivia, to be able to handle her job at the White House.
To learn more, we have to wait next Thursday when ABC will be airing the new episode, the third in the fifth season of Scandal.
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