Saul "Canelo" Alvarez vs Liam Smith - Highlights

In front of a crowd of 51,000 spectators at AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Texas), Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has beaten in nine rounds English Liam Smith (23-1-1, 13 KOs), winning the WBO super welterweight title belt.

The match, though fought and enjoyable, had no history, because Alvarez confirmed the widely expected ahead: that of being a boxer clearly superior to Smith, who has been nothing before him. English can not move any notes about the unethical conduct and developed strategy could not have done anything more or different to beat Alvarez, who was just out of his reach. The Liverpool boxer gave good account of himself, honoring the commitment in his first outing outside the national borders.

The match, as mentioned, has had no history. Too fast, technical and powerful, Alvarez, to be even worried by Smith. English is a school boxer, who does well only a few things: for example, knows how to dodge the jab and approach fit with double uppercut to the body, but has not done frequently with Alvarez because the Mexican always anticipated. The speed difference between the two fighters was evident, as the gap in terms of power: the shots of Alvarez were much stronger than those of his opponent.

In the first four rounds, Alvarez contended opponent the center of the ring and took off in scoring thanks to greater skill in the frontal combat, medium and short distance. From the fifth, however, the Mexican has devoted himself with the same construct to boxing remittance, performing in defensive technique demonstrations that had the flavor of the joke for the opponent. And in fact Smith was starting to get nervous, ending up even more in the young Mexican network. Who has not been in a hurry to close the file: simply, conducted a gradual and patient work of dismantling that found in KO natural and logical consequence.

In the seventh round, Smith went down on the effects of two right hooks unleashed by Alvarez with his back against the ropes. In the eighth, the Englishman's back to the mat due to a sharp left uppercut to the body halfway between the liver and the solar plexus. In the ninth, finally, Alvarez closed the match with a devastating left hook to the liver, so powerful as to collapsing the rival to the mat.

The wait, now, it's all for the future development of the Canelo career, self-proclaimed after the match as the best boxer in the world. It is not, neither comes close to be; it could become one if it beat at least one of the two champions that have thrown down the gauntlet, that Gennady Golovkin in the middleweights and Jermall Charlo in the super welterweights.

One thing is certain: Alvarez can not continue to beat about the bush as it did last year, spent face opponents far from his level. The glory, the real (not economic), has a price, and Alvarez must pay it.
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