Ride a Lambretta at 120 km/h!

Among the various models of Lambretta products in 5 decades of activity (the historical brand has in fact come to life in 1947 and in 1997 it finally closed its doors) first in the province of Milan and then in the Indian subcontinent, none shone for power and performance, if not the few that had been made, to the dawn, to take part in the absolute speed events. It seems incredible, but in 1950 a specially modified Lambretta was able to reach 201 km/h, setting a world record of the time for the category.

Quite different, however, is the tradition of the road models, known for their simplicity, robustness, low cost but not for speed performance major. It therefore seems difficult to imagine a Lambretta whiz at very high speeds and overcome dozens of vehicles on the highway. Primarily because in many countries, even in Italy, to 125cc scooters are prohibited from entering the highway, secondly, just because of the characteristics of the Lambretta, it is highly unlikely that manage to exceed 100 km/h.

Quite the opposite of the two Lambrettas protagonist of the video who, through numerous changes to their engines, they manage to reach 119.9 km/h as evidenced by the GPS data you can see on the screen. Of course, the stretch of road is downhill and they must take advantage of the wake effect generated by the vehicles that precede them, but touch the 33 m/s on a Lambretta is still not an easy thing and govern a motorbike so little suited to that speed does not it must be easy for the two riders.

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