Puppy Hates Celery

In this video we can see a sweet Golden Retriever puppy playing with a piece of celery with the classical funny way of make typical of the Golden Retrievers.

We would like to pause a moment to talk about nutrition of dogs, because in this period we are living in "fear" of getting something wrong after the investigation of the Italian TV show "Report" that has made ??public all that is behind the world of pet food. For those that lost the show, "Report" has analyzed some of the most famous brands of dry food for dogs and the results that have emerged have been scandalous... well, we feed our beloved four-legged friends with scraps production of livestock and flour dried of poor quality.

Obviously not all brands of dog food are "poison" for our dogs... I flatter myself that there is still some serious company that takes care the health of our four-legged friends.

After this investigation in the world of dog world it has unleashed a veritable "cloud of dust" that has led many people to consider going to give homemade food to the dogs... but like all things impromptu you risk only to do damage and nothing else!

The homemade food is certainly a good solution but do not improvise as a vet or a nutritionist, it is vital to rely on serious and competent people who can advise and direct us towards the right path.
Author Manzo
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