Polymer Clay Flowers - Stargazer Lily

Here is a movie that will explain how to make a beautiful flower using polymer clay. If you also want to try to make this work, get the following materials:
of white polymer clay, a cutter, a dotter, a rolling pin, pink glitter pigment, a pink chalk, a green chalk, red polymer clay, markers, an object with the rounded surface.

First, take the white polymer clay, knead it with your hands to soften it and then roll out a thin sheet. Take the cutter and cut out six petals, then modeled a bit with the hands and with the dotter created the veins in the central part of each petal.
Having done this, take the pink pigment and glitter with a brush, apply it on the worked previously with dotter, then, scrape a little dust from chalk pink and after mixing lightly with water, continue to paint all the petals.

Now take your object with a rounded shape and place on it the first three petals, give them the form that you prefer, then modeled sides and the tip of each. When finished, place the other three remaining petals in the spaces, and as previously given a more natural shape.
Create small strands with polymer clay white, paint with chalk green and glue to the center of the flower, then with the red polymer clay created the upper part of the pistils, then paste one on each strand applied to the center of the flower. Bake the job and finally polished with a polish.
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