Polymer clay earrings tutorial - How to make a mesh effect

In this video tutorial done by the talented youtuber "Mo Clay", you will see how learning to make a pair of earrings in polymer clay, by the effect of fake mesh. In order to make this work, you will need the following materials:
fimo polymer clay beige, black, plastic or metal, silver, gold-colored pigment pigment, a wire, a blade, a rolling pin or the machine to roll the dough, a rounded toe, a Clipper, two gold beads, two earwires.

Start the job by spreading a sheet that is not too thin black fimo, then placed on top of it the retina and exercise before a finger pressure to impress in fimo, then passed with a rolling pin to level the surface of the pastry. Remove the excess fimo with a knife and then, using your fingers or a brush, applied in silver coloured pigment on your job and when finished, remove the retina located above.

Cut the dough into a square and then from the latter, cut out two triangles that are going to shape, so you get a sort of drop with a hole at the top. Pull another sheet of polymer clay black, place the retina and stained with gold colored pigment, then remove the retina and with a circle cutter or with a cap, create two small circles.

Wire inserted inside the circle and place the latter in the hole located at the top of the previous drop, then bake. Meanwhile take a browse from fimo beige and cut two larger drops, make a small hole at the top and enter inside the previous job, you cook again in the oven and finish by adding a bead and the final wheatear.
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