Patchwork Tutorial - Star Ornaments

The patchwork that is also defined by the term "working with patched", consists in joining several pieces of cloth through one or more seams. This technique is often used to create the bedspread. In this tutorial you will see the creation of a star in 3D, which can be used as a decoration at home, on the Christmas tree or for any other event, as they are very easy to make even for beginners.

To make the star you will need:

  • a pair of scissors,
  • paper pattern of a star (at your leisure),
  • buttons,
  • pieces of cloth,
  • cotton,
  • sewing machine.

Start by cutting the fabric into several parts following the shape of paper, then go to sew all the pieces again and repeat the process often. Eventually you will have two-dimensional stars. Now turn the stars and mix them with pins and sew seven boundaries, leaving the last opened for turning the fabric and batting to fill. Finally sew the last side and applied at the center of a button.

With this process you can create other Christmas objects, still be able to recycle a lot of stuff you don't use. This work is also suitable for beginners of patchwork and decorated your house in perfect style Christmas.

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