Patchwork – Star Fragments...

In this video tutorial, you will see the creation of a star in patchwork, very different from the other previously viewed, plus it's a very simple job to do and especially very fast.

To perform this type of patchwork star, you'll need the following materials:
- a ruler,
- a triangular-shaped ruler,
- a cutter,
- five different color fabrics,
- sewing machine.

Start the job by cutting a wide strip seven centimeters to four of the fabrics of your choice, while the fifth will have to cut two fabric strips seven centimeters. Once all the strips, sew the two the same color each with a different fabric and then the remaining two sewn together, then get three bands consisting of two strips of different colors.
At this point, cut six rectangles from each band and then, using the triangular-shaped ruler, cut a triangle from each previous cropping, then move all the pieces together in order to build a star at the center and many fragments all around.

Mixing all triangles of fabric, you can make the central star of various colors, and then, when you're satisfied with the decoration obtained, passed to sew all the machine, you will need to sew two triangles at a time, so that the straight sides together and then proceed to sew them all together. With this type of decoration, you can play to realize many different jobs.
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