Patchwork - Pillow Heart Shaped

With the technique of patchwork, as well as creating the usual pillows in rectangular shaped or square, you can also create other forms, as the heart. The YouTuber Coser fâcil y mas Menudo Numerito, will teach you how to make one, with a few simple steps. For this pillow you will need:

  1. two cotton fabrics with decorative pattern different,
  2. wadding,
  3. a pair of scissors,
  4. trimmings,
  5. chalk,
  6. pins,
  7. a sewing machine,
  8. paper pattern in the shape of a heart.

Take your paper pattern in the shape of a heart that will have realized previously, place it on the first cloth and with a piece of chalk traced the contours and therefore, cut the shape. Repeat again this step, given that you have two silhouettes in the shape of a heart. Then, take the paper pattern of half a heart (drawed to horizontal and not to vertical) and place it on the second fabric. Take a piece of chalk or a soft pencil, draw the contours and then cut them with a pair of scissors.

At this point of the work, take the first fabric in the shape of a heart and put above it, the one of the half a heart and then lock it with the pins. Now, take the trimmings, place it and lock it with the pins all along the outline of your heart and sew the pieces with the sewing machine. Finally, sewn together the other heart, leaving a slot to insert wadding to stuff it, and finally sew the piece open of your pillow.

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