Patchwork - Large Half Square Triangles

This video tutorial you're about to see, will show you the realization of a work in patchwork, it is a new much larger block than usual, through a multiplicity of triangles you can create many different patterns and motifs.

Before proceeding with the creation of this block, you must obtain the following materials: two cloth fabrics of different colors, the cutting mat, the wheel to cut the tissues, some pins as a seamstress, sewing machine, the line for precision cutting, a pencil.

Those who are going to see, is a very simple and fast method to achieve with precision a large number of square with triangles means. As first thing cut two rectangles (one for each fabric chosen), sixteen inches wide and twenty-four inches long, then the measured light fabric, along the edge, of the intervals of about four inches and subsequently traced lines of both horizontally and vertically and finally also plotted the diagonal lines.

At this point, position the clear tissue on the one of different color and then stop it well between them using location and then sewn to about half a centimeter away from the diagonals marked previously. When this is done, remove the pins and cut first along the vertical lines, then along the horizontal ones so as to create the square and finally also performed of diagonal cuts thus obtaining the triangles.

Remove points of the seam from the corners, cut the excesses, open triangles so as to obtain a square of two different colors and assemble the block to your liking, you can create many different reasons.
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