Patchwork - June Saturday Sampler Demo

The patchwork technique is a real hobby, fun and practical, with creativity it allows you to create beautiful blankets, pillows and many other works all different from each other. In a few simple steps you can learn a basic motive, then move on to more complex techniques.

In this video tutorial you will be taught to create a nice block having a central star, with a pattern around it. We need for this job:

  • two patterned fabrics of different colors,
  • a clear background fabric,
  • the wheel to cut through the tissues,
  • the line for the precision cutting,
  • the cutting mat,
  • the sewing machine.

To begin, from the first of the two patterned fabrics cut a series of squares, each of which will have to measure 3 inches and a half, then performed two diagonal cuts, so as to obtain four triangles from every square.

Now take the second fabric imagination and from this you will have to cut squares that measure 4 inches and a half, positioned on the square a team from the pentagonal shape, and after it is perfectly centered, cut the two outer corners of the square.

Place a triangle obtained from the first fabric on each side just cut (on the corners of the square) and sew, then flip the work and repeat the same thing, then placed on it is pentagonal team, cut the two corners and sewn to their place two more triangles obtained by the first fabric.

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