Patchwork - How to make a quilt for the sofa

Here is a video tutorial that will teach you to make a patchwork quilt. It is a blanket for the sofa, made with the technique of the nine patches (so called because it consists of a sewn nine square block between them) with deconstruction.
In order to realize this beautiful work, you'll need the following materials: a black fabric with white polka dots, four fabrics of different colors and decorations, a white cloth, a pair of scissors, a cutter, a ruler, some pins, a sewing machine.

First, take all tissues with the exception of the black with white polka dots and cut out squares of 11.5 cm wide by 11.5 cm long and made your first block.
Made the first block row of combining a colored square to a white and from another of a different color from the first square, continue with the second row and joined a white square with a colored and then a white square, then finish with the last row and last knitted together a square not yet used, followed by a white square then by a square of the same color of the first square of the first row.

After sewing together the three files, you got the first block, the so called nine patch, you'll have to go to deconstruct, then centered the ruler and cut the block in half both vertically and horizontally, so as to form a cross. You have now created four squares that you have to turn it however you like and then sew them to each other to complete the block. Continue the work creating other blocks as the previous one and complete your quilt.
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